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Roman Kirilenko has worked on more than 1000 publications, including books, brochures, posters, and calendars. He creates paintings, printmaking projects, typographic elements, and photography. One of his photographs was awarded a silver medal in Edmonton, Canada and Bellone published his book, a photo album about Tunisia. Since 1992, Roman has been working in the computer graphics studio he established. He designed for numerous newspapers and journals including Gazeta Pomorska, Gazeta Torunska, Gazeta Kujawska), Praca i zabezpieczenie spoleczne (PWN), along with other periodicals. From 1977 to1981 he worked as a graphic designer for weekly journals such as Kultura and Politechnik etc. He also collaborated with publishing companies, such as Ksiazka i Wiedza, KAW, PWN, PAX, PWE, Iskry, InterArt, Novum, Graphio, Ethos, ZG PZD, PZN ZWiN, Juka, Bellona, WSIP

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